We are people wanting to make a difference; to do something that will make the world a more caring and peaceful place. We invite you to join us at the table to discuss ideas of living, search teaching and parenting for the Nobler Impulse.

What is The Nobler Impulse?

Acts of Moral Courage + Compassion = The Nobler Impulse

Moral Courage is built with practice and by example, try over time.
Compassion grows with the knowledge and understanding of self and others.
Nobler Impulses are actions springing from moral courage and compassion.

The Heart of the Matter

As a white light is transformed through a prism, case so people are transformed through awareness, experience and education. We learn and grow as we meet new people, read about the world around us and develop life skills. It is through these encounters, that we have the potential to create more hopeful possibilities, our Nobler Impulses. We want to explore how conflict resolution, ethics and diversity can help us learn about compassion and moral courage.

We believe the search for the Nobler Impulse is a life-long journey, and that the potential for finding it exists within each of us.

We believe that our best hope for a nobler future depends on our ability to insure that each and every child grows into a caring and compassionate adult in search of the Nobler Impulse.

And we believe that the moral courage of just one person can make a difference.