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We All Have Baggage

Monday, February 21st, 2011 by LB-R

We all have baggage. The stuff we have in our suitcases can help us understand ourselves. We carry our culture, our family, our experiences, our successes and failures, our talents and limitations, our perceptions, our needs and our dreams. All that stuff, and more is in each of our suitcases everywhere we go.

What’s in my suitcase? What’s in your suitcase?
Let’s be anonymously honest as we examine our baggage.
Can we fess up to things we know to be true, that are hard to admit?
— This doesn’t go into your permanent record :)
Can we truthfully give the things we carry the correct amount of space they require/need in the suitcase?
Can we discard the things that we think we’d like to change to make room for the things we think we want to add to our suitcase?
How do we make those decisions? What criteria do we use?
Here’s your new luggage, “will it go in the overhead, or will you be checking it?”

We invite you to join us at a table in the café to explore what you have in your suitcase. We all have baggage that we carry with us. Let’s unpack it and examine what’s there and see how it plays out in our life. Please bring your ideas for discussion to the café.